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The ancient practice of cupping is the therapeutic use of suction, produced by cups with a partial vacuum placed directly on the patient's skin. Once attached, the cups can be left for up to several minutes for a localised effect. Alternatively, cups may be moved around the body to stimulate internal flow.

Cupping may relieve musculoskeletal aches and pains and foster natural healing mechanisms and is available as a stand-alone treatment following basic health screening.


Cupping techniques have been documented in ancient Egypt, Greece (Hippocrates school), and China, including through notable coverage at the Olympics.  We specialise in dry cupping techniques including fire cupping.

Cupping Treatments

Cupping operates by forming a partial vacuum inside cups placed on your body. A negative pressure induced by a partial vacuum created in the cups causes soft but potentially strong, sustained suction against the underlying tissues. The suction eases pain and promotes healing in areas of tension, soreness or discomfort.  Cupping may also encourage natural healing processes, often at the site of acupuncture points.

We can use a pump vacuum cup set or a fire cupping set for treatments. Fire cupping adds an element of heat which is beneficial to some conditions. We apply cups only as agreed with the patient.

Cupping therapy can raise temporary cupping marks on the skin. These temporary blemishes may last minutes or days, depending on the strength of the treatment, the condition of tissues and patient sensitivity. We can talk over any concerns you have about this before we use cupping therapy.

We don't currently offer Wet Cupping treatments (where the suction cups aid bloodletting) but it's something we are investigating for the future.  If you're interested let me know, it requires additional equipment and insurance so I'm assessing demand. 

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