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Diagnostic techniques

To begin a successful treatment, the practitioner must arrive at an accurate diagnosis for the patient. At our clinic, we conduct a comprehensive consultation with each client during their initial appointment. Our objective is to understand their health condition, address their queries and alleviate any apprehensions they might have. We delve into their medical history and that of their immediate family to comprehend the root cause of any health problems and symptoms that led them to us. Additionally, we assess for any contraindications from previous illnesses, medical treatment or allergies. We base our diagnostic opinion on four approaches: examining, listening, asking and touching, to evaluate our patients' physical, psychological, and emotional wellbeing.  Your comfort and ease will be assured with courtesy at all times.

Therapy Session


We'll talk about your symptoms and general health, as well as discuss any changes since your previous treatment if we have seen you before.  You are encouraged to ask any questions you may have.



We look at the complexion, tongue and body for signs of any disharmony. A person's tongue, for example, is a diagnostic indicator of organ health. We will examine your tongue's colour, shape, coating and texture.  

Senior Trans Person


During our discussion we will pay close attention to your speech and tone to gather insights into your physical and mental conditions, including any health issues. No information will be left out during this process.

Feel the Pulse


We take six pulse readings ion each wrist.  This tells us how the meridians regulating and nourishing your body, organs and tissues are working.

We will also palpate your tummy, arms and legs.

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