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Meditation in a forest


Meditation is a personal contemplative activity engaged with intention without holding expectations for an outcome. 

Paul has been a meditator since childhood. He has experience as a practitioner of numerous meditative approaches involving concentration and mindfulness from several traditions, and has taught meditation to students in university and other adult learning environments. 

Private one-to-one and small group lessons are available by arrangement, in person and online.

Meditation and associated practices

The practice of meditation is part of traditions of human spirituality globally. You needn't be religious or spiritually inclined to meditate. Almost anyone can meditate and obtain considerable benefit from the practice*.

There is no one set method to follow in meditating. Mantras, mandalas, chanting, music, breathing and movement may all be pathways to meditation. The physical, emotional and psychological effects of meditation are effective for reducing stress, pain management and improving internal energy flow and general wellbeing in regular practitioners.

We can teach you an approach to meditation to suit you. We have practised and taught yogic, Taoist and mindfulness meditation for several years. Additionally, we can advise on using the practice to enhance intellectual and physical ability.

*People with a diagnosed mental disorder should talk to their GP or another medical professional before starting a meditation practice.

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