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What our clients say

We genuinely value all the feedback we get from our clients and are proud of our 5 star Google rating

Our clients come to us with a variety of health and wellbeing concerns which fall into broad categories: Musculoskeletal; Digestive System; Psycho-emotional; Gender Related; Headaches and Disorders of the Skin, Respiratory and Immune Systems; and Other Physiological.  Here's some of our reviews.


I went to standing tree acupuncture with a pain in my right calf which I have had for a long time. From the very first session Paul was reassuring and always gives me a thorough examination before inserting the needles. I have noticed a big improvement in my leg while I have been having this treatment and look forward to more sessions. I also had some long term bruising which is now fading thanks to Paul getting the blood moving again around this area and can’t thank him enough for my treatment.


Honestly this has changed my life, I went to see Paul about 3 weeks ago (maybe left it a bit late in the year) but after the first session the relief from the pressure was amazing! No more runny or blacked nose, second session was the eyes, red raw, sore, itchy and Paul worked his magic and I have had no issues now for the last week! (Hay Fever)


I was hardly able to walk when I went to see Paul, due to arthritis in my left knee. After a lengthy, and thorough consultation, the needles were inserted, removed and I hobbled home. During the session Paul was reassuring, caring and patient. The following morning I was amazed to find I could walk with virtually no pain! Wow! Going back next week for more work on my knee, and once my knee is sorted, I might get work on my shoulders.


Acupuncture with Paul has helped to turn around several health issues I have been dealing with in a very short period of time. Paul has an excellent understanding of the therapies he uses in treating mental and physical issues of the body. I am very grateful for the true professional that Paul Holden is.


I didn't hold out much hope to be honest. After waiting for a GP appointment and several physiotherapists later I thought I had nothing to lose by trying acupuncture. I was sceptical.  Paul spent the first half hour talking to me and I wondered if we were ever going to get to the dreaded needle stage. We did.  Lying on my tummy, whilst he stuck needles in me, he made me chuckle, telling me that I looked like a porcupine! That was it... needles in, rest, needles out. Treatment over. I didn't feel a thing.

Wow! What can I say? I can now walk without limping. After that first treatment! I can walk without any pain in my right foot at all. I'm totally amazed that sticking needles into someone can do more good than all of the conventional help I've had in over a year of ongoing pain and limping.  I'm new to this sort of thing and if you are too, all I can say is, give it a try, like I did. You too might be completely overwhelmed with gratitude to Paul, as I am.


From start to finish Paul has been incredible, my pain has eased. I was made to feel warmly greeted and super comfortable. I have zero complaints.  Paul has all the answers to my questions that I ask, and recommends next steps if I need them.  Honestly I am in debt to how helpful he has been since I started visiting and receiving treatment. So a massive thank you Paul. (Headaches)


I went to Standing Tree for severe knee pain and after the first treatment it stopped the stabbing pains, although I still need replacement knees not having the stabbing pains when standing or walking is a huge relief and I advise anyone with pain to go to Standing Tree Acupuncture, I am sure Paul will be able to treat your problem.


I went to standing tree clinic for my first experience with acupuncture and a holistic view towards pain relief for chronic back and shoulder pain from a birth injury. I complete sessions and felt a difference from the very first one. Paul who is the practitioner was very welcoming, friendly and provide reassurance throughout my sessions and ensured that they were tailored specific to me.
i would highly recommend and will be restarting my treatments on return to the uk!!


Since you did the treatment, amongst other things my caesarean section scar has stopped itching!


I went to the standing tree clinic with no expectations on improving my condition (pancreas issues). From the first 10 mins of conversation my slight sceptical view was put at ease. I don't know how, from so little information given about myself information, could Paul understand where my pain was before even describing it. Each needle was inserted with great detail on to how and why it will cause relief. For me, when the needle specifically for my pancreas was inserted the instant sensation I felt tingle through my abdomen and after burning Moxa herb I felt a cool sweep mumbling the tingling feeling. It's been 3 weeks and the pain has reduced massively.  I cannot recommend Paul and Acupuncture enough!


Paul is very thorough and thoughtful. His treatments are helping a lot!  My frozen shoulder pain decreases, and my mobility increases after each acupuncture appointment. I sincerely appreciate seeing Paul .

Ana Luisa

I have been having acupuncture treatment on my left foot since I have had a lot of pain for many years due to a fall. Since the first therapy I have noticed the difference, the pain has improved a lot and I am able to walk better. Paul is a very professional, caring and finds the best way with a treatment to help you. I highly recommend Paul.


Top bloke sore knee for weeks, went in relief was instant could walk on it. Much recommend pop in and give Paul a try will make you feel welcome . Thanks Paul


I had 2 sessions with Paul to try and turn my breech baby. This was my first time trying acupuncture.  I thought Paul was very thorough and genuinely wanted to help as best as possible.  Despite the odds being against me, baby turned.  I would not hesitate having further treatment.


Thank you Paul. Your Acupuncture treatment was enjoyable and left me feeling harmonised and balanced.. The chest infection I felt building up before the last session completely disappeared, as did other symptoms.


Paul's body healing skills are very good. He helped me do cupping and acupuncture. After three treatments, my back pain has been greatly reduced and I can sleep better. Finally, I can have the confidence to do sports again. Thank you Paul.


Paul's attention to detail is outstanding, he is so kind, patient and totally client orientated. My elderly mother whom he is treating can not praise him enough. Thank you Paul.


Therapist Paul gave effective treatment relieving considerable hip pain which enabled me to walk comfortably afterwards. Also, I fell asleep during my session. A sign indicating maximum effectiveness.

Dos Santos

I would love to say that for my first Reki healing session Paul did an amazing job he is very professional and friendly always willing to have a chat. And I find his work amazing with the way he took his time and effort in the hour session and I can tell that for each patient he takes the time, patience and careful consideration to hear your problems. And for my first session he has definitely helped me by telling me about some health problems and chakra imbalances and stagnant energy in my body that I didn't even know about but now I know thanks to Paul I can get help for it. He also recommended acupuncture as a treatment for some heath conditions that I have with my back.

I also feel more connected to my mind, body and spirit, I also feel more balanced too. I definitely feel calmer during my qi gong exercises. And he does student discount too which is a bonus. So 5/5 stars from me and would recommend to anyone who is thinking about going to get any treatment done from The Standing Tree ☀️


I was most impressed by the professional way he appraised the problem I was having with the shoulder pain I was experiencing, and for his care and attention

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