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Why did I become an acupuncturist?

I spent decades in finance trying to heal the monetary woes of corporations.

My approaches to getting businesses working were ethical, constructive, and sometimes unorthodox.

Some commented that I was an unusual accountant.

Behind my business persona, I studied oriental philosophies and pursued mind/body cultivation through meditation, qigong and practices such as tai chi.

I even started teaching tai chi, qigong and Taoist philosophy in the evening and on weekend workshops while working as an accountant by day.

Business colleagues and acquaintances suggested that my business and private worlds were contradictory.  Yes, they were contradictory in part. However, the perspective that joined them was fundamental. I like to make the ailing stronger and live healthily.

It took comments from a couple of students whose lives had improved through (they said) my teaching for me to realise that I preferred to help people directly rather than businesses.

That’s when I went to find the training in Chinese Medicine to enable me to treat people.

Learning acupuncture while studying at ICOM was a bonus: I already had experience with Chinese Medicine in its less well-known strands of Qigong, Do-in and Dit Da. By learning Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, I have the framework to integrate and deliver healing from all the disciplines I have studied to benefit those I treat.

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