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What’s different about the Standing Tree Clinic?

Everything, or nothing, depending on how you look at it.

From the outset, I decided to be as ethically and ecologically sound as a commercial business could be. I am not saying I am there, but I am trying.

I was looking for a room to rent by the hour and practice near my home - convenient and with a low carbon footprint. That did not happen. Then came the opportunity to take on 58 Northgate. A full-time clinic rental would be a big commitment for my start-up and risky.

Remembering the motto that fortune favours the bold (Pliny the Elder), I took the plunge and took on the place. The clinic was spare and pared back when I took it over. I liked that. Determined to retain the essential character of the premises, I decided to do only the absolute essentials to set up my clinic. I furnished the clinic with things I owned already, well-wishers gave to me and upcycled pre-loved items purchased locally. I did not redecorate to keep my ecological impact low. No frills kept my environmental impact and costs low.

The only bespoke fixtures I have introduced are my minimal branding of window vinyl and a new shop board fascia. Okay, I replaced the vinyl frosting in the treatment room, too. My supplies keep true to my Green ideals as far as I pragmatically can. My electricity comes from a 100% renewable supplier. Couch paper, loo roll and paper hand towels are 100% recycled, unbleached, luxury grade.

My acupuncture needles are single-use (a must for hygiene and safety). However, I free-needle (inserting needles without using a plastic guide tube) to keep the plastic wastage down. I use the finest gauge of needle I can in treatment. Using a finer needle means less metal and a better patient experience.

Oh, and I nurture my patients with compassion, care and attention to detail from my reverence for Life and Nature in all of their expressions.

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