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How can Acupuncture and Moxa be used to support a healthy pregnancy and childbirth?

In honour of Mothering Sunday,

We've been pleased and proud to have made a difference to women who've sought our help through their fertility, pregnancy and childbirth journeys.

In Chinese philosophy all creation, either in form or expression, is female (Yin). However, expression needs a spark/catalyst (impetus) to initiate the process of creation (Yang). We often use this natural principle of the creative (Yang) initiating creation (Yin) in acupuncture for female patients, here's just a few of the areas that Chinese medicine can help to treat.

For menstrual pain we stimulate (Yang) Blood creation (Yin) and smooth the flow (Yang) to remove blocks (Yin). Whether women are simply looking for monthly pain relief or hoping to conceive, the principles of Chinese medicine can help alleviate symptoms and clear restrictions.

Occasionally clients contact us about breach birth presentation, often in the last two or three weeks of pregnancy; the non insertion technique is to warm (Yang) BL67 with burning moxa to turn the foetus.

I had 2 sessions with Paul to try and turn my breech baby. This was my first time trying acupuncture. I thought Paul was very thorough and genuinely wanted to help as best as possible. Despite the odds being against me, the baby turned. I would not hesitate to have further treatment. Claudia (December 2023)

Some babies are just too comfortable where they are, for late delivery we stimulate (Yang) to move down (Heaven) to change physiology for birth (Earth/Human) to stimulate new life (Water).

… My contractions started 4 hours before I was meant to be induced, Thank you SO much for all of your help in that process. …A very smooth and straightforward birth. Thank you again! Emma (May 2023)

If you would like to see if acupuncture would help you or the women in your life give me a call. 

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